Colin, Beth, Austin & Indie
the story so far

Colin and Beth with their two children Austin and Indie, having sold their home (and just about everything else they own) moved in November 2019 from the UK to the 'City of Brotherly Love'. Once landed and settled they quickly launched two Dinner Parties in January 2020 and began gathering a group of people captured by the vision to establish a life giving church in the heart of Philadelphia.  

"Dinner Parties are such a great opportunity for people to  share a meal, share their story and share in scripture. We believe that the table is at the centre of what it means to be in community with other Jesus followers and our vision really is that our tables will become our churches" says Colin. "Our hope and prayer is that we would be a part of an authentic and innovative new community that exists for the love of Philadelphia. We've been so blown away by the people God is drawing to this journey and it fills us with confidence that God has great things in store".

In May 2020 they launched C3 PHILLY Sunday Gatherings online, providing opportunities for people to gather digitally for ministry and friendship. "During this period of disruption with COVID 19 we've made the commitment that we will be a spiritual community that meets in both physical and digital spaces" says Beth. When this period of quarantine ends C3 PHILLY is making plans to turn their digital online gatherings into physical ones. "We know that we will be a church that meets in temples, around tables and on tablets" says Colin. 

Pastors Colin and Beth have served as part of the team at Hope City Church in the UK up until the point they felt that God was calling them to plant a church on the east coast of America. They spear headed an exciting new congregation into the heart of Birmingham, UK, before leading the Sheffield congregation until 2018 when they felt God drawing them into something new. They are known for their humorous and down to earth style as they announce over every person the inherent dignity, worth and purpose they have in Jesus.

If you want to connect with Colin and Beth you can do so on Instagram at @colinblois @bethblois and send them a DM, you can also check out some of their recent teachings here. 

If you would like to find out how you can get to a dinner party, join the launch team or just find out more about C3 PHILLY, then you can do so here. 

Colin & Beth