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People often ask me “why Philadelphia!?” Its a good question, given that we are pouring all we have into a city we’ve only been to twice and yet feel strangely captivated by. To be honest I found it a hard question to answer. I felt like it should have been a question I really had a well polished answer for, but I didn’t. 

God didn’t wake me up in the middle of the night to show me a vision, I didn’t get a prophetic word from anyone, no lightning bolts came from heaven. Nothing like that happened. Although I felt crystal clear that this was from God, I struggled to answer this question. Then I stumbled across these words from, that seem to explain it perfectly for me:

“Rumblings are more felt than heard and certainly never seen. They come to you through the soles of your feet into the depths of your soul. Only then do they open the eyes of your heart. They speak of a shift that is about to take place” Kember – The Perils of Ayden

I felt something. I felt like change was coming. I felt something shift in me, like I had moved and couldn’t go back to where I was. Things just felt different. I was being moved on from a season, a role, a community I had no intention of leaving, almost like a gentle current slowly moving me away from the shore I was so familiar with. It felt like it came out of nowhere yet had been there forever, slowing growing up from the soles of my feet towards my soul.

I think God speaks more through rumblings than we realise. Maybe you are feeling something now, within the depths of you. Maybe like me you are thinking ‘something just doesn’t add up’, something’s changing, things feel different. Don’t ignore that rumbling. In time, if it is a God rumbling, it will continue to move through you and open the eyes of your heart. God speaks to us through his word, through people, through preaching and teaching, but also through rumblings. Not a voice you hear or a vision you see but a depth of feeling within your soul.

I began for the first time in a long time to tune out from the noise of life and began listening out for where this rumbling was taking me, what this change was that was about to take place. The rumbling didn’t come with a clear plan but over time it opened the eyes of my heart and I saw clearly what we needed as a family to do.

Somehow we’ve ended up here, on the edge of leaving all we’ve known, all for the love of Philadelphia.

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