New Eden

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“Mary Magdalene turned around and saw Jesus standing there, but she did not know it was Jesus…supposing him to be the gardener.”(John 20:14, 15) On that first Easter, Jesus was not a body buried in the grave but a seed planted in the soil. And that seed became the Gardener.And this Gardener stoops and buries his hands into the soil as he cultivates a damaged garden and restores a broken world. Of course though this … Read More

Light and Shadow

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You’d be mistaken if you thought perfection was the point of it all. No, only a commitment to progress, to the journey, to a pilgrimage. At C3 PHILLY, our hope is to create a community where the inherent dignity of what it means to be human is declared week in and week out, whilst we journey with a spirit of authenticity into the fullness of all God has. Let’s never forget that we are each … Read More