The Ball Always Curves

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Early on in this process of moving our family to the States I had a hunch God had a helpful piece of wisdom for me: Don’t plan for this journey, prepare for it. My nature leans towards that of a planner. I plan things out, we all follow the plan, we all execute the plan, we are all happy as long as we stick to the plan. In my twenties I lived blissfully in this … Read More

Leave the Bedside

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In John 4 we find a story about a father in great pain. His son was ill, so ill the bible describes him as “at the point of death.” For those of you that are parents, you’ll know that when your children are sick you are always by their side. If they need a day off school you’re with them, caring for them and keeping an eye on them. I can only imagine that if … Read More

Nothing is Wasted

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I remember as a child hearing the words from my parents (usually on a Sunday afternoon), “come on, we’re going for a walk.” Instantly my body would descend into a teenage slump, “Not a walk!!!” Yet, somewhere along the way, I have turned into my parents and find myself watch my children respond with the same disdain I did at the mention of a walk! At the age of 34 I can’t believe I am … Read More


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People often ask me “why Philadelphia!?” Its a good question, given that we are pouring all we have into a city we’ve only been to twice and yet feel strangely captivated by. To be honest I found it a hard question to answer. I felt like it should have been a question I really had a well polished answer for, but I didn’t.  God didn’t wake me up in the middle of the night to … Read More